Relationships & Marriage

COUPLE RELATIONSHIPS are the cornerstone of our society. Children need positive, loving and respectful parental relationships to model. This modelling offers an opportunity for children to flourish and grow.

When couples become distressed there is a great deal of pain and anguish  experienced. This distress makes it difficult for couples to concentrate on other areas of their lives such as needs of children, work and other relationships with family members or friends.


We are here to help

Griffin Counselling and Supervision Director, Katherine Griffin, understands that concrete strategies are needed to assist couples to contain emotional distress. Reduction in conflict is vital so that underlying issues can be addressed and worked through.

Katherine Griffin has many years experience in working with couples and will assist you to deal with the following:

  • Pre-marriage
  • Relationship and marriage counselling
  • Loss of love and intimacy
  • Impacts of affairs including pornography
  • Trauma experienced as an adult or from childhood
  • Identify and adjust negative patterns of interaction
  • Issues of power and control including intimidation and family violence
  • Sexual problems including mismatched libidos
  • Separation and divorce and the impacts on children and adolescents
  • Family planning